My Last Week Reflections.

I am proud of… getting all of the materials on time and  finishing our research and Figuring out what we can do better from feedback or just for my team.

how is exhibition different from other projects we have done… it was different because we have not set it up a table and learn one topic that we really wanted to do and show it to the whole school.

Did your message inspire the audience… yes it did inspire the audience because they would stay and they wouldn’t watch the whole presentation And wouldn’t leave in the middle of it and The great part about it is we didn’t have to give them anything at the end to make them come again and Leanne and I again or just to tell their friends I was a good day liked it because it was interesting.

Now you experience exhibition what will you use for another thing… I can use in college because I want to work in a seniors home so I can get all this research and all these facts so then I have it if I need to use it at the seniors home.

How did working with a mentor support you’re learning…It’s supported my learning because they gave us feedback and they gave us more things we could do to make it better or things that we could use to make it more interesting.

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