I am proud of to tell information to people because I am pretty shy so it was hard for me to be able to get the information out. Also it was hard to get the information out because I would always forget what I needed to say at the beginning.

Exhibition is different then other projects because you actually have to talk to people about your topic and not just gain the knowledge and move on. Exhibition is also different because it is for a very long time and also steps to it and it not just gaining knowledge you also have to get props like we had the different water samples and we also had our art piece.

I feel that our message did inspire our audience because I think we explained our topic really well and also people already know how big water pollution is but just went into more detail and we asked if it changed there  perspective and they said yes.

Now that I have gone through Exhibition some tools that I will keep for later projects is my skills more specifically my reasearch skills because I feel like that’s the one we used the most was research skills and the one that we are probably going to use the most and I think it is going to be the most used in later projects.

Our mentor help us because she got the materials for our art piece/Our watershed. She got the plastic sheet and the jars. Also Miss Michie (our mentor) She helped us stay on track with our research and helped use get it done. She also gave us ideas for our art piece and she gave us the ideas for the fact cards and also the slide.



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