LS Reflection

I’m proud of myself and my group I think we made a great effort and we were ready! I am proud of how well we did during Exhibition night.  I am also very proud of our art. The most challenging thing was probably staying on task. The second most challenging thing was working with my group, we didn’t get along all the time. The least challenging task was probably was doing our art we couldn’t decide who would do what.  To be honest our interview was not as fun as I thought it would be but, it was kind of cool we got to see the fridges that the immunizations are kept in. Interviews are kind of fun because we got to go off school grounds to go meet an expert on our topic.  Sylvia (the person we interviewed) gave us lots of answers and we got a lot more of our research done and questions answered. It is important to interview experts on our topic because they know all about our topic and can give us lots of information on our topic.  It is also important to interview experts because they know how to explain what their talking about.  Another reason we interview people is because if there is a question that even the internet can’t answer the expert probably can.  One thing I gained was more knowledge on my topic and a few other things. I also gained some new friends. 

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