Final Reflection- interviews

Explain who you interviewed and why you chose them. 

I chose to interview a nurse because I wanted to see behind the scene. She is a professional nurse and we knew that she would help us.


 What was it like to interview people?

It was cool interviewing a nurse and someone who doesn’t believe in immunizations. We get both perspectives and interviewing them helped us a lot with our questions.

 What was challenging about it?

It was challenging because it was hard because we had to send the lady questions. She did answer them but it took awhile for them to send because she emailed them to us on the last day of research.

Why is is important to interview people?

It is important because it gives you experience talking to starngers and learning how to do an interview. It’s also important because you will feel more comfortable talking to others.

 What did you gain from interviewing people?

I gained confidence because before I was shy talking to others.  I didn’t talk as much until I did more interviews and I gained confidence.

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