Final reflection – Interview

Why did I choose to interview other companies?

i did a interview to RCMP and Best Buy. The reason why I interviewed RCMP is because RCMP is our Canadian police officers that has their responsibility to solve problems for our lifetime. And I interviewed Best Buy because they sell technology, and can show how you need to take care on your device and when they buy it the company gives instructions for you to be safe on your device.

What was it like to interview people?

I was getting nervous because I was speaking to a employee. But my group wasn’t scared of speaking to them because they were brave enough to do it. I felt like they would not I was not loud enough.

What was challenging about it?

to not mess up while having a conversation with different people because it will feel embrassing some people will laugh at you or something like that. I did was hold up the question to my group and they would say it to the other person.

Why is it important to interview people?

because you need to give information to the expert, that knows what you need to do with safety so you know what to do to be knowledgeable to other people if they need help.

When did you gain from interviewing people?

i got was a lot of ideas from RCMP and Best Buy because I know that safety is NUMBER ONE and sometimes I have to take care of what I need to do with my devices, and sometimes things can go wrong when I do something that’s not right.

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