Final Reflection – Interveiws

Explain who you interveiwed and why you chose them?

Me and my partner interviewed Mr.turner and Mr.Pella becasuse both of the teachers had taught in different countries and that helped us answer how are different school systems alike and different. We also interveiwed the super intendent and associate super indented because we thaught that because both of them would have a good understanding of our school system and if kids are stressed. We also interveiwed Dr.Sharon Friesen because we thought she would be a good interview because she is an expert on creativity in schools because she is a professional in creativity and is a proffesor in the University of Calgary.

What was it like to interview people.

I thought interviewing was probably one of the funnest things to do in exhibition as that was were you would get a lot of research and meet new people.

What was challenging about it?

I thought none of the interviews were challenging except for Dr.Sharon Friesen because she was a professional so she would ask us harder questions and would answer them in harder ways to for us to understand and also it was the longest and the only Skype.

why is it important to interview people?

I think it’s important to interveiw people can make it a lot easier for your research and there a primary source. I also think that since there experts they know a lot about your topic and they share all they’ve learned.

what did you gain from interviewing people?

What I gained from interveiwing people was more reliable research and I gained communication skills because we would talk to people you don’t know as well.

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