Final Blog Post – Tiffany

I am proud of…

I am proud of us for making it this far with a fair amount of research to talk about.

It was challenging when…

It was challenging to sometimes put stuff into our own words because sometimes there wasn’t a synonym that fit into the sentence. It was challenging because there wasn’t always a synonym for the word we were looking for. I was also challenging to find research because we didn’t always find research to answer the questions.

It was _____ to interview people….

It was amazing interviewing people and experts on our topic because they knew more things than what we knew. It was also exciting to interview them because we wanted to know more and learn more things about our topic. It was actually really fun interviewing.

It is Important to interview people because…

It is important to interview people because they might know more than you do. By interviewing you can learn a lot more about your topic. When you interview more people your more likely to get more research to talk about.

I gained _____ from this…

I gained more knowledge about this topic. I gained more knowledge on the issue so I can help the people in this situation.

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