Final Blog Post A.K

What are you proud of?

I am proud of our poster because we did it pretty quick and it’s a pretty detailed poster as well. Also I’m proud of staying on task and we didn’t really fool around much.

What was challenging?

Some of the things that were challenging where probably finding reasearch was probably the most challenging part becuase if you searched the question up it didn’t come up. So we had to have an interview or go on lots of different sites. Also another struggle for our group was maybe working together when we presented but we did good anyways.

What was it like to interview people?

For me, I think I was mostly nervous but then I got used to it by the midddle of the interview. I think for some other group members they were also pretty nervous such as Elton but we got the interview done and got the remaining questions done.

Why is it important to interview people?

Probably to get more reasearch finished. Maybe also it’s important because you will be able to word your reasearch better.

What did you gain from this?

I think I gained some knowledge about how to present. I also now know and am informed about this topic that lots of people don’t have clean water and how they have to live, some walk really far from home just to get cleaned water. They miss school and have a hard time getting jobs when they are older.

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