Final Blog Post

I am proud of finishing my work in time. I am also proud of doing my walk for water and walking around the entire soccer field. I’m also proud of staying on task and getting work done. Lastly I’m proud of not being nervous interviewing a adult.

What was challenging was finding all the information for our questions. There were to many websites to go threw and all the books to got threw. Another thing that is challenging is creating a good lines of inquiry, it was really hard.

Interviewing people isn’t that nervous, and the person that your interning is really kind. The interviewer gives us a lot of good information and answers our questions. The interviewer doesn’t waste our time.

It is important to interview people because some websites give us false information. The interviewer is a professional so he’ll give the right information. It is also important to interview because that is the main source of information.

I gained knowledge from this. I gained the chance to inform other people to be more knowledgeable. I gained a chance to practise to not be nervous talking to other people.

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