Final Blog Post

I am most proud of finishing the hole exhibition process because it was very stressful. Also it was hard to finish our research so I’m proud we finished it. Finally I’m proud of myself and my partner for doing what I think was a great presentation.

What was challenging was staying on task and doing our research. Staying on task because it was jammed in the grade 5 wing so there was groups every where so if they were off task then they got us destructed and off task. Also research because it was such a long period of time and with us sometimes being off task it was sometimes even harder.

It was an amazing experience because me and Emma went to the Calgary Dream Centre and called the YWCA and the Calgary Transit which was also really neat. At the Calgary Dream Centre we got to meat Jenna and her assistant Vince and we got a tour of the place it was Awesome. The YWCA is the same company as the Calgary Dream Centre but only for women, children, and families. The Calgary Transit gives away monthly passes for people who don’t have transportation or they just want a pass.

It’s important to interview people because you can get lots of valuable awnsers for your topic. Also it’s important because you get to meet new people and have fun. It’s also just a really neat experience.

I gained a lot from Exhibition got to work with someone I have never worked with before. Also I gained more presentation skills.

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