I Am Proud Of

I am proud of all of the research that I’ve done. I am proud of this because there was a ton of research that I had to put into my own words and there was lots of words that i didn’t know. I am also proud of not getting off task when other people were.

Sometimes, I found it challenging working with some group members because two of them got in arguments from time to time all because they had different ideas. I also found it challenging presenting to the parents because they would ask more difficult questions and it was harder to answer  them.

Interviewing people was very interesting because they knew about our topic very well. All of the people that we interviewed were very inspirational because they were the ones who tries to find a solution to the issue of our topic. Also it was very exciting learning about another perspective of people other than just our group.

I believe it’s important to interview people because I want to see other people’s perspective and see how they feel about the topic. Also, I feel that it’s important because we need to know how the grown ups think about it and get an opinion from adults.

I gained creativity because I was able to think up an artistic piece and finish it  without messing up badly. I also gained curiosity because I wanted to learn about my topic and find out more about it. I also gained enthusiasm because I got really excited every time we did Exhibition because I knew I was going to learn something new.



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