Final Reflection

I’m proud of presentation and how it turned out because I thought I would do really bad but I was okay at it. I’m also proud of how many people come to see our presentation. Getting thorough Exhibiton after a long 9-10 weeks.

Getting along because we would fight a lot and it didn’t turn out very well and it was very stressful. Presentation because I was so nervous and fidgeting with my hoodie sleeves on student day.

It was kinda challenging at the beginning because I was nervous. It was very fun with the interview with the seniors because our group split into groups of two and went around tables and at the end we had muffins and cookies. We had an interview eith Lauren from the Kerby Centre, she was very nice and calm and was willing to talk to us so she was a very nice lady.

They’re important you might get new, very important information that can help you with your topic and/or research. It’s a part of learning and in the future you’ll remember it and won’t be as nervous for interviews

Knowledge because we learned more about the topic we had. I gained more confidence when doing things like interviews, presentations, etc.

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