Week 8 reflections Trey

We have worked on our artists piece and did our poster. We smashed my old helmet for our action  but now we have to fix a little thing, our big brain thing . Now we have to focus on the exhibition part of it. We also made a thank you card for our mentor.

Our poster says “concussions in sports” we added things to do with concussions like hockey, football,  soccer, baseball, basketball and a guy getting hit by a baseball bat.

Our set up is planned out for exhibition.  We are having an egg head display and filling it half with water and one egg and shaking it. This shows how a concussion can happen and also have our action ready in place we ask people what is wrong with this helmet

Our challenges where our artists piece we can’t have it up for a long time it will fall and break . Our successful times was where we got things done and not letting it get it destroyed by  other kids and we make sure it was good and strong and can bring people to our presentation.

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