Week 8 Reflections

Me and Emma made a poster and it said Dream Big with cotton balls around it for a cloud. Around the we drew all the things people who live in Poverty might dream for.
( Quality education, health, transportation, affordable housing, jobs, and healthy and clean food and water.)

For our display we are on the T.V by the grade two doors. The reason we are over there is because we made a website and we want to project it on a T.V. On the table were going to have Dream Centre pamphlets that I got when we were there. We are also going to have a clothing rack for our action and of course our creative piece.

We have organized things really well we have put all our research and things in pacific folders. We have put all our posters and everything else in a pacific spot to find it easily.

Reading our info is hard because we have a lot of research and it takes so long to read and it’s then really boring.

Rehearsing has gone really well presenting to each other and other people has really helped. I think our presentation is going to go really well.

Our mentor has been such a great help he got us through the tough times and he motivated us threw all the way to this point so I want to thank him.

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