Week 8 Reflection – Tiffany

My group and I made a poster. It wrote “Child Neglect” on the top of the page. The top left and bottom right squares had hands on them. I’m very proud of our group that we’ve gone this far into exhibition. We also made a 3D model of a foster home. It was pretty hard to make and it’s not perfect but it looks pretty good. We had Mrs. Gowda for our mentor and I am thankful that she took her time out of her day to help us out with our work. She was nice enough to work with us and guide us through exhibition. She helped us a lot with the work we had and without our mentor I don’t think we would have made it this far. Thank you Mrs. Gowda so much for helping us for guiding us!!!! We made a Pic Collage about how thankful we are to have our mentor.

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