PWEX 18 Weekly Refections

My group and I have done, we have finished our a showcase and all of our artwork. We have also focused on getting to know our topic really well.

One of our art pieces is a piece of poster paper, with on one side it has a picture of Rosa Parks and we drew the bus that she got kicked off of below the picture of Rosa Parks. On the other side of the poster, there is a picture of Viola Desmound and we drew the theatre that she got kicked out of.

Our  other piece of our presentation was a timeline of different civil rights facts and events.

Our preparation for our presentation is to rehearse our conversations and just to stay calm and be confident.

Some challenges were running out of time, but we still managed to get everything done on time. It was a little bit challenging when we were struggling with our research but in the end we got it done. Some successes were when my partner and I were cooperating really well and we split up the jobs of the artwork in half so we could get it done quicker.

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