JM-Week 8 Reflection

We made a foster home and a poster! We also made a big thank you to our mentor. We had our ups and downs when we made the foster home but we finally made it perfect and how we all liked it! The poster is very good and I hope that everybody likes it when everybody comes to see it! I’m so proud of the work we got done and I can’t wait to show all of my family and friends! The challenges were all fixed because at one point when me and Jayden were painting we had to do several layers because someone didn’t like the paint and it was just crazy but it was all fixed. We need to get more organized though!? Are display might not be the best but it will be good. When i’m reading my information it gets boring some of the time but it can be fun some of the time. Researching was very hard but it got easier every time we did it. We really thank all of our mentors because they helped us with all the information we have right now, without them we wouldn’t get this far, so thank you again Mrs.Gowda we would not be here without you!

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