AN Week 8 Reflection

We made a poster it took a pretty long time but we made it. It has a water drop in the middle and a DIY jerry can in the bottom right. Also there was a two liter bottle on the bottoms right. Mrs. Fisher didn’t print out map images about water systems in chestermere but we might do it soon. We didn’t have that much time to work on the poster but We did it on time.

For our display we are going to make a water filter using coal, sand, and pebbles/gravel, bottle and a shirt. We’re also going to put the DIY jerry can on display and we might make a stand.

We’re not very organized we had stuff everywhere and it took a very long time to clean outer mess up. We had so many paper everywhere.

We kept reading our research. I don’t think I remember everything. We had too much information to remember.

We really didn’t have time to rehearse. We had to use all the time to work on out poster.

Thank you to our mentor, Mrs. Fisher. She helped us a lot. She helped us on our action.

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