AK Week 8 Reflection

I think we did quite good on our poster because it looks quite nice and we go the river done. Also we got most of the poster done so I think it’s pretty good we spent like 1 ½ to 2 hours on the poster and it turned out pretty good. I also like our poster because we have like physical 3D objects taped to our poster. We did our action with a interesting looking bottle and a normal 2 litre bottle.

Our reading info also went great because I’m remembering most of it by now. We read it about 4-5 times a day and some of those times we spent 20 minutes reading our research. It’s gotten pretty boring after reading it like so much times as Mr.Walton said that it would get boring eventually and it has gotten really boring now.

I think our mentor helped a lot with our action and other stuff. She also helped us get some research done and in all helped us a lot. I don’t really know if we would have our action without a mentor or it would just take longer to think of an action.

I think a struggle through exhibition was maybe thinking of an action. Finding an action at first we had like no ideas of what we should do for an action but then we got one idea and we did the idea. We didn’t have a lot of other ideas for our action. Also something difficult was finding information online because we couldn’t find a lot of good information. Usually something else came up and not the thing we were looking for. Other than that we didn’t have that much struggles.

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