Week 7 reflection-Wince

Give a update:What are your plans for action?what are your plans for showcasing your work?

My group is making positive cards and they have fun facts on them.My group is going to make a giant eye ball for the display and talking about what will happen when you play games.

What has been the biggest struggle so far in Exhibition?How.did you overcome it?What skills/attritudes/attitude did you use?

The biggest struggle was someone(not saying names)was mostly angry about almost everything in rooms people talk or something else.My group and me talked with them and they didn’t get mad though the whole Exhibition.I used communication skills,enthusiasm and thinker.How I used the skills is that I communicated with my group no matter what happened and enthusiasm because I was excited to meet people and get information for Exhibition and last but not least thinker because I thought about what to do and make or write.

What did you find out about yourself during Exhibition?

I found out that somethings are hard for me because some information is hard to find and some is fake and because my group can be loud.

Why should people come to your Exhibition?

Because it’s important to learn about the effects of gaming and what it dose it to your body.

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