Week 7 reflection

Our plans for our actions are to do a cougar news which we already did and we also are going to make a big phone and maybe the social media logos.

We haven’t decided how we were going to set up our stand but what I was kinda thinking we would get too desks and we might try to make a  card board stand thing to right our topic on then we would set up the phone and stuff and apps and have a few fact around about our topic.

The biggest struggle in exhibition has been finding interviews because you can’t just find some one that is addicted to social media and interview them but we found to people to interview.

I over came by asking our mentor if she could find some people and she did she found too and that was good so I wasn’t stressed about trying to find one.

What I found out about me was that I could work a lone for about a week and it was hard but easy I didn’t need any help when erleen was gone and it was kinda bad fun working a long but still like to do stuff in groups or in partners.

People should come over to our exhibition stand because they can learn how to be safe on social media and it will probably help all the people that go  on social media and get addicted to it.

Some attitudes that I used were commitment because I committed t9 erleens ideas. Respect I respect erleens ideas too. Cooperation I cooperat when erleen Ehnes me to do some thing I cooperate and do it. Curious I was curious when we had to do the research and had to do the questions. Creative I am creative because we had to think what and how we were going to do our action.

I used thinker when we had to do the research and think how and what we are going to do for our action. I also youse Communication because I had to talk to my partner for our action and our research.


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