Week 7 Reflection

My plan for my action is….. I have made a newsletter to inform people about tips for crimes such as, purse theft, vehicle theft, and break and enters. i also have things that tempt thieves like, credit cards, garage door openers, stereo equipment, decked out car parts etc.

My biggest struggle has been spreading out the work because I’m my myself and i have to do everything in bits and pieces. also when i finish something i don’t know what else to do.

i found out that I’m a lot more independent than i thought and don’t need someone else to really tell me what to do. i also found out that I’m a lot faster getting work done without someone next to me and no pressure from someone else.

people should come to my exhibition  because i will have an interactive venue with facts about it too. i also will be telling people about things to prevent crimes from happening which will help them realize what they need to do.

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