Week 7 reflection

What are your plans for action? Doing a slideshow, and a mock TED Talk for how to take care of your account and devices, and to always

What are my plans of showcasing my groups work? We are doing is showing facts about how much can the internet change for different people and communities.

What has been the biggest stuggle so far in Exhibition? It was finishing the research facts, we didn’t know for a long time, and after that we decided to do something else for the key concepts.

How did I overcome it? It was so long since we finished it, Manav said that we completed the research facts, we got surprised from that.

What skills/attitudes/attidudes did I used? Self management skills, because of doing things that we are not allowed to do, but they gave us a chance and we started to do what we are supposed to be doing. For the attitudes I used Creativity, because of fixing words and fixing sentences for the research facts. And the other attitudes I used was Independence, because when Harshan and Manav wasn’t here I showed that I can do it by myself and I knew I couldn’t fool around. What attribute did I use was Principled because in Thursday I did was since Manav and Harshan was talking out loud and I To be quiet because the teacher was there in the boot room.

What did you find out about myself during Exhibition? I found out that I am leading my group a little bit, because of the reason why I was leading was because my group was chatting to each other a lot and I decided to lead the group.

Why should people come to my Exhibition Topic? It matters about the quality sometimes, or catching your eyes, but we are doing is getting not too much things for the Exhibition Topic But we are still trying to make it look good for other people.




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