Week 7 creative reflection

give an update: what are your plans for action? What are your plans for show casing your work?

my group is making a Odell of a house and going to write on papers and stick them in the house and they will say reasons for safety.

what has been the biggest struggle so far in exhibition? How did you overcome it? What skills/attitudes did you use?

I have used communication skills because I was talking to my group and telling them if we got messages from mrs. E. and the biggest struggle was research because it is sometimes hard to find the information, I overcome it by reading the information carefully so I find information more easily.

what did you find out about yourself during exhibition?

One thing I found out of myself is during exhibition is I found  lot of information that was good and I researched more than 3 questions.

why should people come see your exhibition?

People should come to my group because they can learn about safety and important things they should know and home alone safety tips.


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