Week 6 Reflection!

My goal are using my time wisely and being less stressed. I think my goals are going good because I feel like we are where we should be at.We are staring our action and doing an interview today and that’s where we are  supposed to be doing and I am not stressed about anything about Exhibition because I feel like we are on task.

What we need to do next is that we need to be working on our presentation and getting ready for it by putting all of our knowledge and coming up with our presentation.

A new discoverie I made is that at the end of exhibition the interviews help a lot with research because a lot of your key concept questions that you make they are interview questions and you can answer them in your interview that you have with other people to get more knowledge.

I used my thinking skills more specifically my seeeking and acquiring knowledge skills. I used my thinking skills when I was researching and I was acquiring knowledge so I can answer my key concept questions and also when I was interviewing people.



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