Week 6 reflection

What discoveries  Have I made?

This week I learned that all music is connected to your brain and it creates a spark that makes you think and sing along. I also learned that music therapy is not only for people who are sick in a way anyone can use music therapy even if they don’t have a illness. It all makes sense that it connects to the brain but Do people who have brain problems and are ill get to use music therapy too?

How do I feel things are going?

I feel things are very good we are ahead of where we are supposed to be we have answered all of our questions and we have planned our action(S). Our mentor said that we may start thinking about our art peace  but we can’t start our art project.


What do I need to do next?

next we need to work on our action and do our art  peace. Our action is school wide and it will only be open for 1 day. We have only made our brain for our art peace

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