Week 5 Reflections

I would describe exhibition as  a good chance for us to use our presentation skills and self management skills because when you are making questions and reaserching you need to keep your bibliography organized. You use your  presentation skills  because you need to present  and it will help you   With your presentation skills in the future.

Exhibition provides us with  better communication skills because we have to communicate to our partners and we communicate when we present. That will help us When we are older And need our communication skills for things such as interviews for jobs and others.

Something people might not know about exhibition is that there are different steps like you have to make questions, then research them and then present them.  people also might not know that we have lots of different interviews in person Skype phone call or email  and we all have topics that are not related to each other’s topics very well.  For example, my topic is music therapy and someone else’s topic is wind energy.


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