What’s Exhibition Like?

How Would You Describe Exhibition?

A long process of reasearching. Also a long time working with a group. It also gets hard sometimes and  frustrating because your group,members might not be cooperating with you .Exhibition is a time we’re you get to use skills to help you in the future. It gives you the opportunity to interview people older than you.

What Does The Exhibition Provide With?

Exhibition provides you with a mentor who helps you out during the ten week process of exhibition. Exhibition also provides you with interviews websites and books. You can also bring your own sources for reasearch.It gives us the chance to use our social skills cumunication skills and thinking skills.It also lets us use the attributes and attitudes principled, cooperation, enthusiasm, responsiblity, thinker and risk-taker.

Whats Something People Might Not Know About Exhibition?

Something people might not know about Exhibition is citing your sources (bibliography). Something you also might not know is everyone gets to see your showcase also exhibition is a really long process. At first exhibition is really easy after it gets harder. It also lets you have the chance to use attributes attitudes and transdisplinsry skills. The fun and easy part is showcase!

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