Week 5 Reflections~Sarah

How would you describe exhibition?

Exhibition is choosing a very special topic that you want to focus on for ten weeks, you will have to come up with questions and find research for them, exhibition is really important because as your reasearching you have to check if that information is true, sometimes in exhibition you have bad relationships with the members in your group and  that relationship can get dragged into working together in exhibition, after all of the research and all of the weeks of working on your exhibition  you get to finally present in front of a lot of people that you may not know and it can be nerve racking but after a couple presentations you’ll get used to it.

What does the exhibition provide us?

Exhibition provides us to learn things that we might not know throughout all the time that we have for the research and it helps us get prepared for higher grades and it helps us get prepared for jobs later on in life.

What is something that people might not know about exhibition?

People might not know that in exhibition its not always easy because some days might feel really long and some days might feel really short and sometimes you don’t understand some of the research that you find.

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