Week 5 Reflections

I would describe Exhibition as a good learning expierence. It is a good learning experience because you would’ve never got to learn these things about your topic. For example I learned that  there are wind turbines down in Lethbridge.

Exhibition provides us with research skills and communication skills. For example I was using my research skills when I had to answer my research  questions. Four example I used communication skills when I was suggesting an idea to my group.

One thing people might not know about exhibition is that you have to create key concept questions in central ideas in lines of inquiry.   for example at the beginning of exhibition all the grade fives had to get together and create a central idea.  One other thing that people might not know about exhibition is that you get to interview people.  For example my topic is  wind energy and   I might be able to interview Lethbridge college and the Alberta Wind  Energy Corporation.

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