Week 5 reflection-Makaila parmar

What was challenging about the process?

I think the the most challenging task of doing exhibition this week was to work hard and that both are interviews where cancelled but I handled it well but I was a little disappointed that we did not get to do are interviews.

What to skills are important throughout the process of exhibition?

I think that communication skills and social skills are the most important to skills in exhibition because if you use social skills then you accept responsibility respect others work in a group to make decisions and with commutation skills we talk to eachother and listening to others.

How does exhibition inspire you to take action?

Exhibion inspires me to do my best to prepare for the presentation and use my TD skills to work with my partner Elias and to make interviews and filed trips.

Give an update of your week.did you have an interview?did you decide on action?

I think we have been doing good because we have hade two interviews but they where both canceled but that’s ok because we have one on Monday and on on Wednesday! So it’s really extremely important to do my best to ask questions and try to get ready for exhibition day!


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