Week 5 Reflection Elias

Three things that are changing are setting up interviews because all of our planed interview go canceled for some reason. Another reason is it’s hard to find information because natural disasters are not that common here. The last reason is it kinda got boring after awhile because we know the topic super good.

These are the most important TD skills research skills because you have to research for exebition and know if it’s a real site or if it’s fake. Another one is thinking skills you have to use this skill because you have to think about your action and you’re topic. The last one is communication skills you have to use this because you have to talk to your partner.

Exhibition inspires me to take action by helping me learn new things that I never knew about natural disasters. It also helped me with my presentation skills.

heres how the week went. First we started to find websites. Later we looked at how all of the natural disasters form. The nexted day we had our first interview that got canceled. Then we had a mentor meeting and talked about how the natural disasters form.

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