Week 5 Reflection

Something that was challenging was having to find interviews but my mentor helped me and now I have 2 possible interviews. I also think reaserching was hard because you need to have to have at least 1 interview to answer some of your question.

Thinking skills are important because you need to come up with creative answers on your own because you can’t copy and paste something on a website. Independence is important to me because I’m by myself so I need to stay focused and not fool around.

Exhibition inspires me to take action because this is a world wide thing and I think when it is legalized people will stop smoking marijuana to look cool. I also think legalizing it will help people who take medical marijuana because then people can take it over the border.

I have emailed RAF back and gave him a list of interview question I me and my mentor came up with and we found a medical marijuana clinic I could interview.

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