Week 5 Reflection

what was challenging for me and Alex was making the interview questions.For 4 people names are Emilie young,Amy,Erin Clews,Taylor norum, It may be hard becuase me and Alex might be a little nervous to talk to people we don’t know at all.

i used my research skills to ask questions to develop quality interview questions for our 4 interviews. I also used my self management skills to manga e our time and not be of task during exhibition time.

Exhibition inspires me to take action because I won’t to be a difference maker and find a reason that anxiety, depression is caused by. I really won’t to listen to a person with anxiety or depression and see how people without anxiety or depression see the world vs people with anxiety depression.

We are planning on interviewing people before April 23rd we decided to ask questions on how people with anxiety cope with there problems or how they handled the promblem. How do people realize that they have anxiety or how they get depression or is it developed after you get older or are you born with anxiety, depression.

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