Week 5 Reflection

the new  discoveries I have made,  that all the of the sports always have  reason for what they do in sports and that it is all about  perspective and how they think because it is not up to us but they try to do something that will help they and the business and something that  reasonable too and they try to do there best.

What skills I have used,  are communication skills well  at least I try because I can be a little pushy and I do listen to  directions but I have a little gole and it is to be a better person to listen to me  Partners  instructions aka ideas and I feel things are going well.

What is challenging  throughout exhibition,  is trying to make sure I and my  Group is on task because I can be  distracted very  Easly and I want to work on that.

How  exhibition inspires me to take action,  is because if I feel  very strong about this idea or problem I want it to  happen and  exhibition is all about  research,    Bibliography,  and stuff like that and that what makes  exhibition so good because it is a big  opportunity to do so many things.

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