Week 5 reflection

what Was challenging  about the process?

somthing  that was challenging during the interview was that We were very nervous we also didn’t want to say anything rude or somthing that didn’t make sense because we didn’t want her to be like  “ what just happened?”.

What TD skills did I use?

I think I used my social skills by Taking breaks from each other and not making a argument. We both know when we need breaks so we take them come back to working together and we are fresh and ready.

What does exhibition inspire you to do?

exhibition inspires me by pushing me to work and take risks and chances that you never know will work. Also it inspires me to be interested in multiple things like in music therapy it includes learning about the brain,body and physical activity with music.

Give an update of your week did you do a interview did you decide your action?

I did an interview with JB music she is a music therapist that lives in Calgary. She answered A lot of questions and gave us A lot of information.  We have not really put any thought into our action we have been so busy with our questions and research we never thought bout it.

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