Week 5 Reflection

Things that have been challenging about exhibition are research because there was a misunderstanding about being able to search up websites and sources so I have been using Mrs. Hoopers sites that she made for me. Another struggle has been finding interviews but now I have some questions and possible interviews so I’m doing better.

Some TD skills you have to have in exhibition are thinking skills to think ahead about what you’re doing and researching. I have used this skill by researching and thinking ahead with my mentor about the display at the end and what I’m going to do also we are thinking of possible interviews and questions.

Exhibition inspires me to take action because you get a topic that you’re passionate about and while doing research realize the issues about you’re topic and try to take action.  I haven’t decided on an action yet but some of them could be…. make a graffiti board about you’re topic, make a video about it or show someone else’s.

My week has gone pretty good I have gotten lots of research done and found new sources I’ve met with my mentor. I haven’t met with Mrs. Hooper because yesterday ended when I’m supposed to meet with her so I’ll talk to her soon.

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