Week 5 Exibition! Olivia!!!!!!

The most challenging part was having to figure out who we wanted to interview because there was soooooo many people we could have interviewed. Also creating interview questions because you might not know exactly what that person does yet.

The most important Trans Disiplinary skills I think were listening skills because you had to listen and talk in respectful ways to your partner and teachers. And social skills because you have to cooperate with your group or else you won’t get very far.

Exibition inspires me to take action because there is a lot of problems in the world that kids can help solve if they just learn about them and try to solve them. And my topic can be fun to try and take action because there are ways that you can impact.

This week we came up with an action idea: during presenting we could have our own room and make kids, when they come to us, to look for some signs that represent disabilities and ask them what they mean. Then keep score of the answer and maybe tell people about it.


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