SK Reflection #5

Exhibition is important because even if we know the topic, there are still more things that could be new to us. Also, we can teach others about our topic and some of the details about it.
We do Exhibition because we want to take actions and fix the problem based on our topic. We could also reflect on why we chose our topic, for an example, I chose my topic because I know that it’s wrong, and it’s terrible for someone to do. Also, it’s to learn new things that we haven’t learned before. Also if we don’t know someone in our group, we might be able to get to know them more because you would be spending time with them and learning things about them.
Some of the skills I used throughout the process of exhibition were Research Skills because when we were researching about our topic, I was answering questions and putting them in my own words. I also used Self-Management Skills because I was focused on being on task. Also I had communication skills because whenever I found good information on our topic, I told my group.

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