PWEX Week 5 Reflections

What Is Exhibition?

Exhibition is a really big project where you have to use different skills with different things. You have to have a good fit partner so you don’t argue or fight. In the research stage there has been a lot of sources that our librarian has given us. In the interview stage you have to think about all the questions that you have to ask your interview sources. After all, Exhibition is really fun!


Exhibition is exciting and fun at the beginning then it gets harder as you go on and it gets really stressful and hard. You have to use a lot of skills like Thinking Skills, Research Skills, And Communication Skills .

Exhibition provides us with some extra knowledge and we get some more information that we might not have known about the topic. It also provides us with resources that we can use to help us.

Some people might not know that Exhibition is harder than you think, and that it goes by really fast.





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