PWEX Week 5 Reflections

How would you describe Exhibition?

I personally think that exhibition is VERY stressful because we have time a limit on when we have to finish the project and there are tons of stuff you have to do so you really need to use your time wisely which is a part of our  self-management skills

What does the Exhibition provide us?

It gives us more our knowledge about the topic we have chosen to study for 10 weeks and in the future we will have to present a presentation and have to do a lot of research and interview professionals.

What is something that people might not know about exhibition?

That exhibition seems like it’s only 6 weeks because on like the last 3 weeks your freaking out to make sure it’s all done and you have so much work to organize. You also might not know that  you have a mentor who helps you set interviews and helps organize you work.


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