Mahek Reflection #5

Exhibition is important because I think that you get to learn new things about that topic that you never knew about before and you would get to experience how Exhibition is like. Another reason is you get to work with people that you have never worked with and maybe you and that person might get along well.

I think we do Exhibition because we can do a topic that we are passionate. Also I think we do it because we have a chance to show how hard we can work. Another reason is maybe because we can show our research skills and thinking skills.

The skills I have shown are communicating skills whenever I find some information and I feel like to me if it does not make sense I would ask one of my group members to read it and if it makes sense to them I would ask them what it says in their own words. I show self management skill when sometimes if my group was off task I would try staying on task and I would keep them out of trouble.

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