Jason Weekly Reflections #5

Exhibition is important because we find a problem in the world and we need to tell others people about this problem because not many people know some of these problems. Also in exhibition their is something called a action bank and we would do a action that is about your topic. It’s also important because we need to solve the problems.

We do exhibition because we need to tell other people about the problem. We also do it for more knowledgeable. Also we do it so we can be more cooperative with people that we don’t really know.

Some of the skills I used throughout the process of exhibition were self management skills because I never get told to get to work and I don’t fool around. Thinking Skills because I thought about interview questions. I also used Social Skills because I was cooperating with my group. Research Skills because I researched on my topic. Also Communication Skills I communicate to my group when I need help on something.

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