Exhibition week five reflection

What was challenging in the process? Some thing that was challenging was siteing our sources and trying to find sites for our questions because we had to keep going on to lots of different sites to find the right information to answer our question.

What TD skills are important thourgh the process? I used communication skills because I had to talk to Erleen so she could help me find so information for our questions. I also used research skills because I had to go on many different sites to help me find the answer to  the questions. The last skill I used is thinking skills because we had to think how we where going to do stuff and who was going to do what questions.

how does exhibition inspire you to take action? Exhibition inspired me to take action by doing interviews and we are taking action by if a group beside us and they are being loud then we ask is they can be quite or we just mover some where else.

I think that exhibition is going good because we have all of our questions answered with 4-5 sentences. So far we have interviewed 1 person over the phone. On Monday we will be interesting a cop and we whant to do it in person this time.


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