Week 1 Reflection – Tiffany

Describe Your Main Idea/Focus From Your Discussions This Week… 

Our main focus was on Child Neglect/Homeless Youth. So first we weren’t brief enough and we did child neglect .  Since we had to make our topic more brief we wrote down every child’s needs and now we are doing Child neglect/ homeless youth.

I’m Excited For….

I’m excited to find lots of information to work with because I think my group is really good at research.

I Hope to…..

I hope to find lots of information for our topic so we have lots to teach other kids in the school. I also hope to discover more about child neglect and somehow find a way to stop it from happening to children.

This is Important to Me Because…

It’s really sad to know that people don’t give their children their needs and they ignore the child’s state. I feel really thankful for my life and that I don’t have parents like that.

Picture of Essential Agreements… 





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