Dear Future Grade Fives..

Dear future grade five students I hope you all have a good time trying to finish exhibition and I hope you all do well have fun.

I am a grade five student and I am writing to you to tell you that exhibition is a time that takes to months and there are also reasreach practicing like a hundred times. You also need to cooperate with other groups or if your by yourself everything depends on you.

My first suggestion is that you should choose a topic you are interested in not one your friend is doing. Remember that you can’t quit because this is a big part of your grade so I wouldn’t try to ruin it p.

The reason I choose is topic because I got bullied a couple of years ago. I hope this letter gives you a chance to think about your topic. I also choose this topic to see why did I get bullied I think I know the answer now it because they had a problem with there relationships.

The best of wishes I hope you all do well in exhibition it’s half of your grade so try your best make me proud.

from Ismail Rafih bye.

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