Dear future grade 5’s

Dear future grade 5 student,


I’m a grade five student and I am writing to you to tell you adout the big project that your going. To do soon in grade my topic was addressing the needs of the homeless why I chose my topic. Is I wanted to learn more adout it and how I can help the homeless too.


1 My first suggestion is to not detract other groups because than your wasting your time and others an example is if you’re. Painting  with your hands and you. Get a high five they have to waste there time to wash there hands.


2 My second suggestion is to not goof around and to stay on task and stay focused because time flies. Don’t waste it for me we had 9 weeks and it was fast. And listen to you teacher because you will regretting it because they say pretty important stuff. The reason is why I told you this is it will help you out.


3 My third suggestion is to get things done quickly because you don’t want to de behind. It is very stressful and harb to get things done the reason why I. Chose this is that it’s really good advice and I hope it will help you with your Ex too.


i hope this letter helps you and hopefully you’ll take my advice stay. On task and stay focused listen to your teacher get stuff done quickly. Thanks for reading my letter hope you bo well.


best wishes




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