Dear Future Grade 5’s

Dear Future Grade 5’s,

Hi, my name is Erin. I am writing this letter to tell you about exhibition. Last year’s central idea was Actions, Relationships and Mindsets Shape the Global Community. From that, my topic was Peer Pressure, I worked with Denny and Pria. I decided to choose that topic because I feel like peer pressure can happen so easily, even without you knowing you are doing it, so I wanted to bring awareness to others of what it is so they don’t pressure others.

My first suggestion I have for you is to pick a topic you are interested in. I say this because exhibition is nine weeks long and if you aren’t interested or passionate about your topic you will be very bored. If you are bored them your boredom will make your group members bored too, when all your group members are bored you will get nothing done for your work. I did pick a topic that I was interested in, but by the end of exhibition I was getting bored with it because I don’t think it was broad enough and we forgot about all the ideas we made at the beginning – Please don’t do that!

A second suggestion I have is to divide the work evenly so that everyone get a fair share. You can do that by telling your group member what to do, make sure that you still tell them what to do but without being bossy or mean, if you don’t you will turn into Mrs. Bossy Pants like I did. During exhibition I learned that the best way to get things done is to divide and conquer because then everyone will be working instead of only a few people. One way to divide the work is saying one person will research this question, this person will do this one, and so on.

My third suggestion is don’t waste your time. I am saying this because even though exhibition is nine weeks long – which seems like a lot but it’s not, it will go by very fast. My group can relate to not using our time because at the very beginning of exhibition when we make our central idea, subtopics and questions we were really focused and had so many great ideas but then in the middle we fell apart. All the great ideas basically went in the trash. Our exhibition wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t fabulous like we planned for. So what I’m saying is, if you want a fabulous exhibition – which who doesn’t! Then please don’t waste your time.

Hopefully this letter helped you to learn that you should pick your own topic, don’t be bossy and keep a hold of your time management. I hope you have fun in exhibition!

Sincerely, Erin.

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