Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Dear future Grade 5 students,

Hi my name is Averie. In Exhibition our central idea was Actions, relationships and mindsets shape the global community. My topic was Drug use affecting health. I choose that topic because I was interested in learning about the good drugs and not just the bad. In this letter I will be giving you advice when you do Exhibition.

My first piece of advice is cooperate with your partner(s). I chose this because me and my partners didn’t get along. So we were spending most of our time arguing and not getting our work done.

My second piece of advice is use your time wisely and focus on your work. I choose this because most people including me and my group we didn’t use our time wisely so we didn’t get much done. I say this because I don’t want you to do the same thing.

My third piece of advice is once you get information write it right away and site you source. I choose this because you might lose your information and source like my group did a few times. So write your information right away.

I hope this letter helps you during Exhibition in working with your partner(s), using your time wisely and not forgetting your information/sources.

Best wishes,


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