Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Dear Future Grade 5 student,

I am a grade five student and I am writing to you to tell you about exhibition. Last years central idea was actions, relationships and mindsets shape of the global community.

My first suggestion is your research can be hard because  you have to do a lot more In grade 5 you write a lot more you use the iPads a lot more you have to do a lot of partner working and you have to do lots of presentation. The reason I chose this suggestion is because research can be hard and I want to prepare you for it.

My second suggestion is to try to co-operate with your group members because if you argue with them you will have more problems and struggles. I chose this this because I arugged with my group members and that lead to no work.

My third suggestion is  that you shouldn’t fool around becuase you will also have to sit in the Hall and you will get yelled at. I chose this because this happened to me several times and it’s not fun you get yelled at.

I hope this letter helps you with exhibition.

Your hero, Denny


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